Closing Down 2013 in Jackson Hole

By: Harper Hollis

What a year of live music it’s been in our small little mountain town! It’s been a blast and the last day of the year will be no different…
New Year’s Eve = hype, hype, hype. Well this year, it should live up to it all plus some. So with less than 2 weeks away, let’s look at what’s going around in the Valley.

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What a Summer!

Crazy to think Summer is already gone. It seems just like yesterday that we were packing for our 1st Summer camping trip to the Gros Ventre. I can still taste the crawfish from this year’s Boil and I am still sore from the dancing at Grand Targhee. I hope you all had as much fun as we did, cause we can’t wait to do it again next year!
We’ve put together some pictures from a few of the shows that happened around the Valley. There was soooo much great music, and just not enough time to include it all. Enjoy and hope it brings a smile to your face.
This stuff couldn’t happen without you, so please continue to support ALL live music in the 307!!

Coming Soon to a City Near You…Again

Welp, I’m hitting the road again! I had a blast last year with Elk Attack and am lucky enough to have the chance to do it again. Tomorrow I am jumping in with Andy Frasco and the Fall Frodown Tour. If you haven’t heard of this guy, please look him up. We’ve had him multiple times at the Town Square Tavern in Jackson and it has always been a blast. “High energy – party blues” is as close as I can come to describing it. Please just check him out.

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Meet Monophonics

Written by Madelaine German*
18 February 2013

California’s Bay Area – based, soul-shaking and funk grooving group The Monophonics will be in Jackson this Tuesday the 19th. This 6-piece ensemble consists of longtime, know-since-high-school friends, and was originally formed as a jazz/funk instrumental college band fusion project in 2005. About three years ago, they ushered vocals and keys into their mix, and they have since quickly rose to prominence among mainstay Bay Area venues, rocking the stage with their self-titled “psychedelic soul and black rock” sound. 2012 marked a lockdown and breakout year for the group, as they played over 150 shows in 7 different countries in promotion of their third (and best) LP, In Your Brain, available via California’s Ubiquity Records. The Monophonics stop by Jackson inside of 3-week long road trip, after which they will take a short break before again touring in early spring through the Midwest and Southeast and then jetting off to Europe for a summer tour run.

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Jason Spooner Band gonna make you boogie!

KMTN & KHOL deejay Crazy Tom gives his thoughts on the Jason Spooner Band:

Jason Spooner is the man and Adam and Reed always bring the funk. A trio for the ages! These guys know how to put the boogie in every booty in the place. Listening to his albums you hear the soulful lyrics with depth and turns of phrase that inspire you to dig in and reapply them to your life’s twists and turns over and over again. On the stage at Brush Creek ranch the tempo was kept at an undeniable level of funkiness. The rhythms and harmonies infected every one of every age to move their boogie shoes. They played a little bit of all the best genres. And Jason wasn’t afraid to let his rad guitar do the talking. Adam (whose new look is somewhere between Michael Mcdonald and a do-me-twice road musician) isn’t afraid to rock the mic on back-up with his powerhouse big-booty black-lady soul. When not melting the mic from the core he isn’t scared of busting a rhyme or two. If you haven’t seen these guys live yet….find ‘em! and put on an extra layer of your deodorant cause they are gonna make you sweat. If you can talk em into playing your wedding, bring extra oxygen for your Grandma and don’t forget to hydrate. Rock On Jason, Adam and Reed! Thanks for making my wedding a dream come true.
-Crazy Tom

Jason Spooner/Crazy Tom interview
Spooner talks about the new addition to the band

New Year’s Eve in Jackson Hole!!

By: Harper Hollis

New Year’s Eve always seems to be one of the tougher holidays to get the friends together to celebrate another year of life. There is always about a bajillion parties going on, so with less than 2 weeks to go, I will try to help you make your decision on what to do Monday 12/31/12.

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Coming Soon to a City Near You

This week I am leaving the comfort of my small, quiet town of Jackson to embark on a Southeastern tour with my good friends Elk Attack. I am excited, anxious, and even a lil nervous about our 4 week excursion. But if I ever had the opportunity to do something like this, now is the time to do it. I am really looking forward to seeing some old friends and meeting new ones. I’m not quite sure what to expect on the road, but I know it’s going to be an adventure. I will try to post some updates on how everything is going (hopefully all good). Please check out our schedule and if we are close by, come enjoy some great music and let’s catch up. Also, please help us spread the word if you have any friends/family in the cities we are playing in. From Bo, Dusty, Gabby, John Wayne, Wooley, and myself, I say thank you for your support. See ya down the road. Ya Herd!

Oct 3: Laughing Goat- Boulder, CO
Oct 4: Cervantes Other Side- Denver, CO
Oct 6: The D-Note- Arvada, CO (Early Show)
Oct 6: Jives Coffee House- Colorodao Springs, CO
Oct 7: Bears Pizza Den- Conway, AR
Oct 8: Kudzus- Memphis, TN
Oct 9: Proud Larry’s- Oxford, MS (w/ New Madrid)
Oct 10: Blue Canoe- Tupelo, MS
Oct 12: Avondale Brewing Co.- Birmingham, AL
Oct 15: The Nowhere Bar- Athens, GA (w/ New Madrid)
Oct 17: The Five Spot- AtlantA, Ga (w/ Trapper’s Cabin)
Oct 19: Yo Burrito- Charleston, SC
Oct 20: The Saloon @ NC Music Factory- Charlotte, NC (w/ The Colby Dobbs Band)
Oct 22: The Cave- Chapel Hill, NC
Oct 23: Tir Na Nog- Raleigh- NC
Oct 24: Ten O One- Winston-Salem, NC
Oct 27: Post Chili Cookoff Party- Sedalia, VA


DJ Logic w/ Chut la Whut

By: Madelaine German

This Bronx born-and-raised magician musician is playing the game of turntablism like you play you iPod — not a thought, at first-coming whim, whatever the hell he wants. DJ Logic (a.k.a. Jason Kibler) is a talented musician who just so happens to spin beats. He understands the music — the structure, the soul, and most importantly, the history behind the whole thing, all of which clearly shines through the broadcast twist of his hip-hop spins.

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Mo Money Mo Problems

Dear Friends,

After 15 years of listening, I finally figured out what one of the urban philosophers, Notorious B I G was writing about in, “Mo Money Mo Problems” (don’t worry I’ll still always have 2pac as one of my Dalai Lamas). It seems like we are programmed to always be worrying about this green piece of paper. For happiness, security, support & to survive etc.. I admit before I became a gypsy playing music anywhere I can, I tried to follow the money trail myself (I’m sorry, I have it my genes), but what I realized was that even if you make that money your still as unhappy as you were without it when it’s earned from something you never wanted to do in the first place.

So is that’s what we’ve become?

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A Louisiana Tradition in the Tetons

By Harper Hollis


It’s that time of year again in Jackson. The snow is melting and the river is fast and flowing. We all take advantage of each day the sun is out. That being said, it’s still June in Jackson. We don’t know if we will get rain, snow, or shine but come June 23, 2012, none of that will matter. This day is one of my favorite days of the Summer. This day is the 7th Annual Jackson Hole Crawfish Boil.

90 Day Wonders

Seven years ago, my buddy Mac and I were your typical “90 day wonders”. Fresh off our first year at LSU, we ventured out West to see for ourselves what this place was all about. We brought with us 60 lbs of live crawfish and a case of Abita brew. Mac’s brother Chris lived out here and was a chef at the 4 Seasons. He had everything set up for us right when we pulled into town. He cooked up the crawfish for a crowd of about 12 people. That day we made life-long friendships with 12 strangers and a tradition was born.

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